First Step Counseling became the answer to my alcohol addiction. My probation recommended that I give Nikki a call. Nikki was professional and no nonsense. Pati, the counselor, is an amazing human being!

Thank you for guiding me through and providing wonderful counseling! You are exceptional human beings and First Step Counseling truly has changed my life for the better! Nikki, you once told me you don’t know any other way to do it… Never change! It is phenomenal! HG

Nikki and the team at First Step Counseling have been so great to work through all these weeks of education and therapy! They have provided a place where there is no judgment felt and we get to share personal stories to help every individual out throughout the course. I have made friends in the class that are now close to me outside of class, meeting occasionally.

Thank you for all the support and time you put into each week. If anyone is looking for recommendations to start their journey of becoming a better person and handling their issues – I highly respect this team of professionals. They care so deeply for everyone! Now that I am done with all my classes I can truly say I am better prepared for my future at handling difficult situations because of First Step Counseling. NM

I would like to express my appreciation for the staff at First Step Counseling. As many of us know (unfortunately) a DUI can be a very frustrating and expensive experience, with the courts, DMV, probation etc… I never knew all the ins/outs of getting a DUI and all that comes with it.

I initially started my Level II / Therapy classes with another provider ATOPS, I won’t name the counselor however I have no loyalty to that provider and have no problem naming them. The counselor there was rude, would make people feel horrible about themselves and the situation they are in, I truly have no clue how that place stays in business.

So, with that being said, I moved on from them and fortunately found First Step Counseling. WOW!!!! What a pleasant difference. Nikki is great, very easy to talk to and always available for any of your questions/ concerns. Patti, the counselor, is awesome. She makes you feel comfortable in the classes and always listens and includes you. She is supportive, attentive and a very pleasant person.

If you find yourself or know someone else who has the unfortunate experience of going through a DUI, please take it from someone who tried another place and save yourself the time and frustration and use First Step Counseling. True patient. BJ

Of some of the things that I liked about First Step Counseling is that at no time did they make me feel guilt or shame. They did not judge anyone, and they did not make anyone feel like a criminal. As a person in recovery, I found it very beneficial and an integral tool to help in my recovery process. Therapy was engaging and Pati gave everybody an opportunity to discuss their story, therefore, having the ability to not feel alone in this process. Being educated and the provided therapy was useful to be able to exchange stories and situations from the group setting, which helped to be able to process the other things I need to do as part of my recovery. Pati used a balanced approach allowing a group therapy dynamic while still teaching and instructing what was in the manuals, rather than just making it a textbook exercise. Going into this process all I wanted to do was to finish what was required of me to get through this system. First Step Counseling made this process relatively painless. The classes went fast and before I knew it, I was done. In the end, I highly recommend First Step Counseling. RH

I first had done an intake with another company, and then switched to First Step. I am so happy I did. Nikki and Pati have been great to work with. Pati’s style of counseling is perfect for my personality, as I am sure it is for others. She is probably the most patient person I know, yet at the same time counsels and gets the points across in an efficient way. Initially going into these classes I was unaware of what to expect. We have all seen television shows or movies where the process seems to make watching paint dry exciting. Pati does a great job keeping the content flowing, asking questions to get the people that are a little more reserved to speak, and getting the points of content across to us. I just wanted to say thank you for providing a platform that works well for others and I. TF

Footprints In The Sand.  Written by Mary Stevensen
Footprints In The Sand. Written by Mary Stevensen