First Step Counseling wants to help you in dealing with the problems of substance abuse and so we are providing links to other sites that might supply helpful information. Please check back because we will be adding more sites soon.

Check out the DUI Resource Website, it is called No DUI Colorado  click on the link to access website

“This website provides strategies for preventing or dealing with an impaired driving offense, resources that deal with issues about peer pressure, and self-screening for substance abuse and prevention toolkits. This site is also a resource for community coalitions, policymakers, and includes data and current news as it relates to impaired driving.”

Arapahoe County
Arapahoe County Courts
Arapahoe County Probation

Douglas County
Douglas County Courts
Douglas County Probation

Elbert County
Elbert County Courts


Colorado DMV

MADD Organization

Victim Impact Schedule
MADD Drunk/Victim Impact Panel General Information

Alcoholics Anonymous
For a list of meetings click Meetings button and fill out the required information and District 10.

Sobriety and Recovery Resources

Narcotics Anonymous
For all substances other than alcohol.

Footprints In The Sand.  Written by Mary Stevensen
Footprints In The Sand. Written by Mary Stevensen